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Cantilever & Track Sliding Gates

If a swing gate cannot be used due to space restrictions then a cantilever or track sliding gate is the way to go. If the ground is level then a track sliding gate would be the cheaper option as a small track is buried the ground flush with the ground level and small running wheels are fixed inside the bottom of the gate leaf.

Where the ground is not level and you cannot use a track sliding gate then a Cantilever gate would need to be used as the heavy duty wheels are fixed to a level concrete foundation to the side of your gate opening and the bottom of the gate is a heavy duty track channel. Cantilever gates are more popular and can be supplied either made from Aluminium for lightness or Steel for strength.

By default, our sliding gates are supplied as manual gates which require a person to operate them but we can also supply the gates with automation kits with a variety of triggers to operate the gates including coded entry, key access and remote control. We can manufacture sliding gates to match any type of fencing that we supply or just as frames so that you can customise them.

If you have any queries regarding our Track/Cantilever gates please do not hesitate to contact our Technical team on 0121 565 1246 (ex 211). CAD drawings will be supplied for all orders of Cantilever/Track gates.

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